Trump to tout apprenticeships as way to fill jobs gap

White House spokesman Sean Spicer declined to say that Sessions enjoyed Trump's confidence. The review was proposed in a memo by Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta presented to the first full meeting of President Donald Trump's Cabinet on Monday. [Full Article...]

Trump accuses Comey of cowardice over 'leaks'

Trump accuses Comey of cowardice over 'leaks' A source familiar with the matter said Richman has been in touch with Senate judiciary through special counsel Bob Mueller's office, and that there will be movement after the weekend. Since Comey's testimon, y a handful of Democratic lawmakers have called for the president to be asked to provide sworn testimony as part of the investigation into his ties with Russian Federation. [Full Article...]

Trump on Comey testimony: 'No collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker'

Trump on Comey testimony: 'No collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker' According to one of the president's adult sons, who helps run Trump's business and who plays a prominent role in promoting Trump's political interests, Comey's version of events may be the accurate one. "We want to be able to get his side of it", Republican senator James Lankford said. Middle East, a big problem. The issue could be crucial for the president amid allegations - though not form... [Full Article...]

The prosecution in the Bill Cosby trial has rested its case

Prosecutors called 13 witnesses over five brisk days. Defense lawyers Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa and their internationally famous client have until Monday morning to decide whether to call any witnesses. The two met while Constand was working as a sports director at Temple University where Cosby served on the board of trustees. Portions of the deposition became public almost two years a... [Full Article...]

Sessions Denies Third Meeting With Russian Ambassador

In his testimony last week , Mr Comey accused the White House of lying about him and the FBI and repeatedly said he believed he was sacked because of the agency's investigation into Trump-Russia ties. Sessions was adamant that he did not have a private meeting with Kislyak at that event. Wyden plied Sessions on whether his signing a letter recommending Comey's firing violated... [Full Article...]

China hopes Pakistan, Afghanistan uphold peace

China hopes Pakistan, Afghanistan uphold peace Wang will work to discuss the possibility of organizing a meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan , U.S and China , according to the statement, Tolo News reported. Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani last week confirmed the death toll for the massive suicide truck bombing in Kabul had surpassed 150, making it the deadliest single attack in the 16 years since the USA campaign to defeat the Taliban. [Full Article...]

BGSU student among 5 killed in 2 Ohio cities

BGSU student among 5 killed in 2 Ohio cities George Brinkman was arrested on Tuesday morning following an eight-hour standoff with the Brunswick, Ohio , police department. George Brinkman a 45 year old OH man has been arrested in connection with the triple murder slaying of three women , a mother and her two adult daughters in North Royalton . [Full Article...]

Trump v Comey: Who said what

Krauthammer added that actions that Trump made in that frustration may have backfired. Comey said a decision was made not report to Sessions a February 14 White House meeting where Trump pressed the director to drop the FBI's inquiry into Flynn, whom Trump fired for withholding information about his contacts with foreign governments. [Full Article...]

Trump says heath care dropouts sign that Democrats 'gave up'

Trump says heath care dropouts sign that Democrats 'gave up' Trump is visiting Wisconsin on Tuesday, when will give a speech on the current state of healthcare in the U.S. and meet with "victims of Obamacare " during his visit, the White House said . The decision to expand in Missouri comes after some feared 25 counties here would be without an on-exchange insurer in 2018, affecting almost 67,000 consumers in the western part of the state after Blue Cross... [Full Article...]

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will give public testimony

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will give public testimony There had been some question as to whether the hearing would be open to the public, but the Justice Department said Monday that Sessions requested it be so because he "believes it is important for the American people to hear the truth directly from him". [Full Article...]

Attorney General Sessions Set to Testify in Russia Probe Hearing

He also had prior conversations with Comey, who testified last week that, following a February 14 meeting with Trump, he told Sessions that he never again wanted to be left alone with the president. And lawmakers throughout the hearing pressed Sessions on providing emails and other documents to them. At a separate hearing Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein declared he'd seen no basi... [Full Article...]

Trump holds cabinet meeting, promises change

Trump holds cabinet meeting, promises change And Chief of Staff Reince Priebus thanked Trump "for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda". Vice President Mike Pence declared his job was "the greatest privilege of my life". "Thank you Mr. President". Though it began with Trump asking each person to state his or her positions, the display that followed devolved into a contest of who could best massage the president's tende... [Full Article...]

Why Jeff Sessions says he can't talk

US attorney general Jeff Sessions was grilled for about three hours in front of the US Senate Intelligence Committee on June 13, but the hearing did little to move forward the committee's investigation into Russia's meddling in the presidential election, or to better explain why FBI director James Comey was sacked in May. [Full Article...]

United States in 'strategy-free time,' not winning in Afghanistan ‒ Pentagon chief

United States in 'strategy-free time,' not winning in Afghanistan ‒ Pentagon chief U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Tuesday that the military had presented to Congress an unfunded requirements list of $33 billion for fiscal year 2018. Mattis said the U.S.is not winning the war there and that the military is taking steps to make certain America doesn't pay a price for the delay in the new plan. [Full Article...]

Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russia

Intel officials refuse to answer questions on Trump and Russia Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe spent much of the hearing explaining the different reasons they wouldn't answer questions. [Full Article...]

Attorney General Sessions to face US Senate panel in public

Attorney General Sessions to face US Senate panel in public On Sunday morning, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) enumerated the questions he wants Sessions to answer in an appearance on "Meet the Press". Sessions will also be pressed on whether he thinks Trump's accusations that Comey's sworn statement to Congress was false means he should be investigated for perjury. [Full Article...]

Group against Islamic law clashes with counterprotesters

But Liyakat Takim, a professor of Islamic studies at McMaster University in the Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario, says most Muslims don't want to replace USA law with Islamic law, known as Shariah. Gabriel has said that a "practicing Muslim, who believes in the teachings of the Quran, can not be a loyal citizen to the #United States of America". [Full Article...]

Hawaii becomes first state to enact law that aligns with Paris agreement

The Paris climate agreement still has a chance despite the "temporary absence of American leadership", Barack Obama said Tuesday, adding that he was cheered that US states, cities, corporations and others have made a decision to carry on with the Paris commitments. [Full Article...]

President Trump Says He's 100% Willing to Testify Under Oath

Trump branded Comey a "leaker" for indirectly providing to reporters the contents of memos he wrote after their private conversations. In any other presidency, the events laid out by Comey - Trump asking for "loyalty" from the FBI director who was investigating the president's associates, then asking him to drop an investigation into a former aide and ultimately firing him when he did not - mi... [Full Article...]

Sessions to face sharp questions on Trump, Russia, Comey

Sessions to face sharp questions on Trump, Russia, Comey That remark came after revelations emerged that Sessions had met with Russia's ambassador to the US last year, despite testifying under oath during a confirmation hearing that he "did not have communications with the Russians". Barring the emergence of evidence such as a surreptitious recording of the conversation - Trump tweeted that Comey had better hope there are no tapes - deciding which of ... [Full Article...]

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