US Congress baseball game brings unity after shooting of Republican Steve Scalise

Jack Sava , director of trauma at MedStar Washington Hospital Center said at a news conference Friday afternoon. Scalise , who has had two surgeries, will need additional operations and will be in the hospital for "a considerable period of time , presumably weeks", Sava said. [Full Article...]

US Senate's Iran sanctions are breach of nuke deal: top Iranian official

The Senate approved on Thursday, June 15 the sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile program and other activities not related to the worldwide nuclear agreement. "The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that if Iran were to deliver a nuclear device, the delivery vehicle for that nuclear device would be a missile - a long-range ballistic missile or intercontinental ballistic missile", Du... [Full Article...]

Katy Perry smashes Twitter record with 100 million followers

Katy Perry smashes Twitter record with 100 million followers The 32-year-old singer recently livestreamed her life for 96 hours, inviting fans to watch as she slept, cooked, did yoga, cuddled with her dog Nugget and chatted with a stream of celebrities who showed up at her door. "And also things you don't even know that you have [come out in therapy, including] traumas from childhood". JokesIt's no secret why Perry has amassed a 100 million Twitter foll... [Full Article...]

Trump Event Planner Reportedly Will Run Federal Housing for NY

Trump Event Planner Reportedly Will Run Federal Housing for NY She has also helped run the Eric Trump Foundation, which is now facing an inquiry from the state of NY after a Forbes report alleged that the charity had paid Trump-owned golf courses for hosting events. She has no experience in urban planning. Thing is, as the Daily News notes , Patton has zero experience in housing matters - federal or otherwise. [Full Article...]

Crapo comments on shooting at Republican baseball

Crapo comments on shooting at Republican baseball The senator told the hosts that the shooter was able to reload and fire off 50-60 shots before the two Capitol police officers who were present located the shooter and responded. Scalise, who is a member of the House Republican leadership as the majority whip, appeared to have been shot in the hip and it appeared two Capitol Hill police agents were shot, Brooks added. [Full Article...]

Officer who shot Philando Castile found not guilty

Officer who shot Philando Castile found not guilty He was also cleared of two lesser charges of endangering Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her daughter for firing his gun into the auto near them. One teacher testified at trial that Castile remembered which kids had allergies, and nudged students to finish their veggies. He killed somebody. Philando Castile got victimized by the system. [Full Article...]

Trump Praises Black Capitol Hill Officers for Saving Republicans' Lives

Trump Praises Black Capitol Hill Officers for Saving Republicans' Lives Hodgkinson opened fire on Republican team members practicing at an Alexandria. "I'm grateful that Special Agent Griner is in good condition in the hospital having been shot in the ankle, and Special Agent Bailey was treated and released having sustained a minor injury during the incident", U.S. [Full Article...]

This Father's Day, don't waste the gift of time

On another note, Postmates conducted a poll via National Today to uncover the most "dad-loving" state and Pennsylvania ranked 34 out of 50 states. "I was working with young fathers, and it was very clear to me that many of them were not deadbeat dads , they were just dead broke dads ". Raised in Washington, D.C., she earned a bachelor's degree in English from Penn State before heading to Eur... [Full Article...]

Right decision? Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter of boyfriend Conrad Roy III

Right decision? Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter of boyfriend Conrad Roy III Rayburn reminded the judge of text messages in which Carter encouraged Roy to get back in the truck. In making their case, prosecutors said Carter had pressured Roy in taking his own life after sending him a torrent of text messages. At one point, he got out of his vehicle, but Carter told him in a text to " get back in the truck". The sensational trial was closely watched in legal circles ... [Full Article...]

Blumenthal Wants Sessions' Resignation if Trump Fires Mueller

Someone else might conclude that he simply didn't care or, worse, that he was personally implicated. "There have been a lot of moments in Donald Trump's brief presidency that have raised eyebrows and lowered expectations", Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show , but Trump's first Cabinet meeting was something else . [Full Article...]

Burned body of Oklahoma minister discovered near his church

Space is limited. RSVP to 423-544-4382. ■ Live Oak Free Will Baptist Church, 1577 Rock Road, Grifton, will have quarterly meeting, Communion and family and friends day service at 11 a.m. Barbecue on Friday. 423-400-8761. Gospel Temple Baptist Church: 729 Whipple Ave., Campbell, 6 to 8 p.m., Monday through June 23. Each day, the VBS children will encounter unbelievable and wonderful things desi... [Full Article...]

Knives coming out: Trump fans float the idea of firing investigator Mueller

Knives coming out: Trump fans float the idea of firing investigator Mueller An order from the president would not necessarily qualify, he said . Feinstein also asked if Rosenstein had an estimate for how long the investigation will take. "The best advice would be to let Robert Mueller do his job", he told reporters. Christopher Ruddy , a close friend and CEO of Newsmax Media, discussed with PBS how the Russian Federation investigation and testimony of former ... [Full Article...]

I'd 100% Be Willing To Testify Under Oath To Rebut Comey

I'd 100% Be Willing To Testify Under Oath To Rebut Comey Mr Comey testified Mr Trump told him on January 26 he expected loyalty from the Federal Bureau of Investigation director and the next month urged him to drop the Flynn probe. Karl continued: "So he said those things under oath, would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version of those events?" While strongly refuting these claims, Trump remained cagey about whether or not he has t... [Full Article...]

Authorities say escaped Georgia inmates caught in Tennessee

Bill Miller from the Tennessee Highway Patrol said late Friday. Police say they attempted to stop the unsafe duo after spotting a auto they believed the two were in. Officials said Dubose is also a hardened criminal despite his relative youth, as well as being a member of the notorious "Ghostface Gangsters" white supremacist group. [Full Article...]

Trump tweets of witch hunt amid Russian Federation probe, bashes Hillary Clinton

Comey told the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee that the Trump administration had lied and defamed him and the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the President dismissed him on May 9. As former Sen. John Danforth, who as a special counsel investigated the 1993 Waco siege disaster, has said: "You can't have an investigation that is dribbled out there in bits and pieces and suspicions". [Full Article...]

Special counsel probing Jared Kushner's business dealings

Russian Federation investigation special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating Kushner's finances. The New York Times previously reported that investigators in the FBI's probe were scrutinizing a series of meetings Kushner had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and then with Sergey Gorkov, the head of a state-owned Russian development bank. [Full Article...]

Showers, thunderstorms will hang around South Florida all weekend

Showers, thunderstorms will hang around South Florida all weekend Highs will be in the mid 60s, so we will be a few degrees cooler than where we were for today . The weather office predicts you have one more day of uninterrupted clear skies before the weather starts to send definite mixed message. As the sun makes an appearance in the tropical air, temperatures will rise quickly. These temperatures will be closer to normal in the lower 80s with less humidity ... [Full Article...]

US revokes blocked program to protect immigrant parents

The program was blocked by a federal judge in Texas after 26 states sued. "If you've been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you're willing to pay your fair share of taxes - you'll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation", Obama sa... [Full Article...]

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions denies links to Russian Federation in Senate testimony

In a dramatic and packed Senate hearing, Sessions vowed to defend his honor "against scurrilous and false allegations". Trump's Twitter response followed days of intensifying criticism of Mueller from some conservatives, who have charged the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director and his team with political bias and have claimed his relationship to Comey and an earlier meeting with Tr... [Full Article...]

Trump Denounces Reports Of Widening Russia Probe

The paper, citing unnamed officials, says the interviews could come as early as this week. "What changed was, after the firing of James Comey , and Trump said it was because of the Russian Federation investigation, the FBI began to investigate the president for obstruction of justice ", WaPo's Sari Horwotz told CNN's Erin Burnett on Wednesday night, referencing Trump's May 11 interview ... [Full Article...]

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