Amber Alert canceled; Missing children found safe

Amber Alert canceled; Missing children found safe She has blonde hair. An Amber Alert has been canceled for 20-month-old Adelyn Keener and 2-month-old Maxwell Keener after the Delaware County Sheriff's office says the children and their mother, Sarah Jane Lewis, 31, were located in Arkansas. [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton: Progress in LGBT rights may not be secure

Hillary Clinton: Progress in LGBT rights may not be secure Clinton's appearance was one of several in recent months where she has been greeted with huge ovations — including several at Broadway shows. That reply to the Wisconsin Republican's question could also be asked of Clinton staffers who are frantically trying to unmask the name of the person who divulged sensitive information about her failed presidential campaign . [Full Article...]

Egyptian-American newly freed visits Trump

Hijazi, 30, was released after an Egyptian court dismissed the charges of child abuse against her, charges many human right groups have dismissed as bogus. "The case of Aya Hijazi and her co-defendants has been nothing less than a travesty of justice", Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director for Human Rights Watch said in a March report . [Full Article...]

Trump's budget chief says money for border wall a must

Trump clearly thinks he can pin any Obamacare failures on the Democrats, but this theory is far from certain. Late on Thursday, leading House Democrats were voicing skepticism a deal could be reached by the deadline. KEITH: Well, we reported there was a give-up because the president said he was moving on. "If they tell us, however, that they recognize that President Trump won an election, and ... [Full Article...]

Only 34 New England Patriots showed up to meet Trump

On Wednesday, the Patriots were missing several faces for several reasons. But other members of the team had a bit of fun during the visit, including tight end Rob Gronkowski , who crashed Press Secretary Sean Spicer's daily press briefing. [Full Article...]

Officer shot in face remains in hospital after downtown Seattle gunfight

According to the Seattle Times , one officer was considered in "satisfactorily condition" while another was in critical condition. A Seattle police officer carries a rifle as he runs near the scene where two police officers were shot responding to a robbery downtown Thursday, April 20, 2017 , in Seattle . [Full Article...]

Lawyer tells rape trial jury women are 'good' at lying

Lawyer tells rape trial jury women are 'good' at lying Our cameras caught the emotions the woman who accused him of rape moments after the verdict was read. He continued to cast aspersions on the woman's legitimacy, bringing up her past involvement with drug smuggling and implying she didn't fight back hard enough against Giannini's advances. [Full Article...]

Police join the fun on 420 Day - but not like that

Police join the fun on 420 Day - but not like that In a follow-up tweet, the police department said: "All jokes aside, substance abuse is a real issue". It worked. Multiple people contacted us today and got answers to questions that they've been wanting to ask for a long time. The trap consists of chips, soda and a pair of video games. In Denver, where recreational marijuana use is legal, police took a much more laid-back approach. [Full Article...]

Israel says Assad's forces still have several tonnes of chemical weapons

Lodging next to Russian jets is a tactical move, a USA official told ABC, to protect Syria's aircraft from potential US airstrikes. "There can be no doubt in the global community's mind that Syria has retained chemical weapons in violation of its agreement and its statement that it had removed them all", said Mattis. [Full Article...]

Arkansas carries out first execution since 2005

Arkansas isn't the first state to be accused of deceptively obtaining execution drugs. But Arkansas wants to put two other inmates to death Monday, and one next Thursday. Justices on Thursday reversed an order by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Alice Gray that halted the use of vecuronium bromide, one of three drugs used in the state's lethal injection process, in any execution. [Full Article...]

Arkansas poised to carry out first execution since 2005

The unprecedented execution schedule has placed Arkansas at the center. His execution will be Arkansas' first since 2005. Answers to death penalty queries. The pharmaceutical companies say there is a public health risk if their drugs are diverted for use in executions, and that the state's possession of the drugs violates rules within their distribution networks. [Full Article...]

North Korean official vows frequent missile tests as tensions escalate

North Korean official vows frequent missile tests as tensions escalate The vice president's two main goals in Japan are to spur increased US access to Japanese markets and strengthen Japanese foreign investment, White House officials said. But no one was predicting what might come next. That direction was not evident from North Korean leadership, as state-run TV highlighted a propaganda video showing missile strikes leaving the USA in flames. [Full Article...]

Fleeing with student, teacher took guns, cash and wife's car

An FBI spokesperson said at the press conference when Thomas arrives home to Maury County, they are going to give her time to get reacquainted with her family and friends and offer counseling or therapy if she needs it. Jason Whatley, the attorney representing Elizabeth Thomas' family, said the teen underwent a medical interview and a forensics interview before getting on the plane. [Full Article...]

Arkansas suffers 2 setbacks to multiple execution plan

Moments before Gray's ruling, the Arkansas supreme court halted the execution of one of two inmates scheduled to die on Thursday, saying that the condemned prisoner should have a chance to prove his innocence with more DNA testing. An eighth inmate, Jason McGehee, previously won a stay from a federal judge regarding his clemency schedule, and Arkansas has not appealed that ruling. [Full Article...]

Kenyans take the honours in Boston Marathon

When Switzer ran in 1967, she was 20, and entered as "K.V. Switzer" - so none of the race organizers would know she was a woman. "And he tried to pull my bib numbers off". Switzer's boyfriend shouldered him out of the way, and Switzer ran on. That out-of-control guy was one of the race organizers, Jock Semple. Pictures of that splashed across newspaper front pages, and Switzer somewhat inadv... [Full Article...]

Prosecutors likely to toss thousands of tainted drug cases

Prosecutors likely to toss thousands of tainted drug cases In other cases, investigators found that Dookhan tampered with lab vials. In January, the state's high court chose its own solution, ruling that district attorneys should focus on a small subset of cases it wanted to retry, and drop the rest. [Full Article...]

Missing Tennessee student found with teacher in California

Missing Tennessee student found with teacher in California Thomas and 50-year-old Tad Cummins were found Thursday morning in northern California. TBI said Thomas is healthy and unharmed, and now their main concern is how she is emotionally. He said she did not act like a rescued person. Cummins, who is married, and Thomas became the subject of a nationwide search after he apparently lured the girl into his auto outside a restaurant in Columbia, Tenn... [Full Article...]

80% of Americans Want to See the President's Taxes

80% of Americans Want to See the President's Taxes The demonstrations were timed to coincide with the traditional April 15 deadline for annual tax filings, a key date on the calendar for USA households, and resulted in dozens of arrests. Trump is certainly free to do so if he chooses, and there is no law requiring US presidents to release their taxes. Officers confiscated knives and makeshift weapons. [Full Article...]

Arkansas determined to fight legal challenges to executions

Arkansas determined to fight legal challenges to executions In text messages from Jenkins' phone, which came up at Wednesday's court hearing, there is no mention that the drug would be used in executions. The state is set to carry out three more executions next week. Supreme Court case. The schedule has been attributed to the expiration date of Arkansas' supply of midazolam, the first drug administered in the three-drug cocktail used in lethal injectio... [Full Article...]

Bryce Harper's cleats display vivid Jackie Robinson tribute

On April 15, 1947 , Jackie Robinson , 28, broke the color barrier and ushered in an era when African-Americans could lawfully compete with whites as teammates and equals. "My grandfather was a Dodgers fan, I think every African-American male growing up in that time was a Dodgers fan". Jackie Robinson died three years before my birth. [Full Article...]

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